2019 Summit Recap

Advance Conversations | Build Connections | Spark Action The third annual Grow Smarter Summit brought together over 200 members of the community to connect and engage in conversations around the … Read More

For St. Pete Expo

Housing Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity helps low-income people and families achieve homeownership in partnership with the community of Pinellas County. Boley Centers Boley Centers is a not-for-profit that … Read More

October Workgroup Recap

October workgroup meetings were heavily dedicated to preparing for the Grow Smarter Summit which will take place on December 6 at the Center for Health Equity. There was discussion at … Read More

Growing Smarter into 2020

With this year coming to an end, and the Grow Smarter Summit on the horizon, we must reflect the lessons learned through our unique collective impact journey. In tandem with … Read More