October Workgroup Recap

October workgroup meetings were heavily dedicated to preparing for the Grow Smarter Summit which will take place on December 6 at the Center for Health Equity. There was discussion at … Read More

September Workgroup Recap

Entrepreneurial Growth: Discussion of putting together a meeting of workgroup leaders (Coordinated Education and Training, Entrepreneurial Growth, and Targeted Job Creation) A Survey Based on Barry Foster’s Handout (see basecamp). … Read More

St. Petersburg Area Manufacturing Pt. 2

As mentioned in our earlier series, manufacturing plays a key role in the St. Petersburg Area’s economy due to its high concentration and its higher wages. For perspective’s sake let’s … Read More

St. Petersburg Area Manufacturing Pt. 1

Throughout the months of August and September, Grow Smarter’s Targeted Job Creation Workgroup has taken a deeper dive into the St. Petersburg Area’s specialized manufacturing with the intention of better … Read More

August Workgroup Recap

Grow Smarter workgroups are steadily at work continuing the mission of equitable economic growth Below are the highlights from our District & Corridor Development, Targeted Job Creation, and Entrepreneurial Growth … Read More

Workgroup Highlight: Entrepreneurial Growth

Leadership: Jessica Eilerman Workgroup Chair Small Business Liaison, Mayor’s Office Greenhouse Manager Dr. Cynthia Johnson Workgroup Vice Chair Center Director, Office of Small Business and Supplier Diversity Pinellas County Economic … Read More

July Workgroup Recap

Are you curious what the Grow Smarter workgroups have been up to this month? Well, wonder no longer. Here are the highlights from each meeting. If you have questions or … Read More