EDC Launches Workforce Resource Map 2.0

Earlier this week the St. Petersburg Area EDC, one of Grow Smarter’s strategic partners, launched the 2.0 version of its Workforce Resource Map—created in partnership with CareerEdge.  This platform includes a comprehensive list of work-force related resources and programs available to employers in St. Petersburg in five categories: Recruiting, Training & Development, Incentives & Grants, Internships & Apprenticeships, and Diversity & Inclusion.

The development of this tool demonstrates the EDC’s priority to support businesses that are already in our community, in addition to bringing new businesses to the St. Petersburg area.

“Mapping the various resources available in the region around workforce development is a great benefit to all employers, especially prospective employers,” Dr. Sri Sundaram, Dean of USF-St. Petersburg Kate Tiedemann College of Business said. “The work by the EDC and CareerEdge is a great benefit to the economic development efforts of the Grow Smarter Initiative.”

In addition to the ability to search sort the Workforce Resource Map but resource category, users are also able to sort resources by Grow Smarter Industry Categories which include Creative Arts and Design, Data Analytics, Financial Services, Marine and Life Sciences, and Specialized Manufacturing. These target sectors were identified in the original Grow Smarter Strategy and have been identified as sectors with the greatest potential to create new jobs and raise incomes. The EDC focuses its efforts on recruiting new business and developing existing organizations working in these areas.

Examples of programs featured in the map include Career Edge’s Internship Reimbursement Program that provides students with supplemental income while they gain necessary skills and on-the-job training, and St. Petersburg College’s Career Services center which works with employers to fill job openings, internships, and apprenticeships.  There are many programs and initiatives to explore, so click here to check out the Workforce Resource Map and learn more.

If you are a part of an organization that offers resources to employers, you are able to submit a workforce resource to be included in the map.

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