Introducing the Grow Smarter St. Pete Toolkit

When recruiting new business or talent from outside the city, St. Petersburg has a lot to be proud of. From arts, culture, and entertainment, to beautiful beaches and warm weather all year round– our city has something to offer for everyone.

The Grow Smarter Awareness Building Workgroup wanted to make the job of promoting St. Petersburg even easier for business operating in Grow Smarter’s five target industries and any organization contributing to equitable economic growth in our community.  Thus, the Grow Smarter St. Pete Toolkit was born.

If you browse the toolkit on, you will find curated copy, facts, and visuals that can be easily adapted for your organization’s marketing and recruiting materials. All of this is free for you to use, so telling your story—and St. Pete’s story—has never been easier.

Simply copy and paste, download, and insert.

The next time that you need to create a newsletter, write a speech, or create a social media post to promote St. Pete, the tool kit will be the place to start.

In addition to access to over 3,000 professional photos that represent our city, there are links to dozens of other resources relevant to those who live, work, and play in St. Pete. There is copy available about a wide range of topics including tech and innovation, education, business opportunities, and cost of living.

Please share the tool kit widely and help our community Grow Smarter.

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