Grow Smarter is Hiring!

Grow Smarter is seeking a qualified candidate to take on the role of Manager. This position is responsible for Grow Smarter’s continuous communication with the community and ensuring the engagement … Read More

Workgroup Highlight: Entrepreneurial Growth

Leadership: Jessica Eilerman Workgroup Chair Small Business Liaison, Mayor’s Office Greenhouse Manager Dr. Cynthia Johnson Workgroup Vice Chair Center Director, Office of Small Business and Supplier Diversity Pinellas County Economic … Read More

July Workgroup Recap

Are you curious what the Grow Smarter workgroups have been up to this month? Well, wonder no longer. Here are the highlights from each meeting. If you have questions or … Read More

Job Growth Since the Recession

St. Petersburg’s job growth has been slow to recover since the Great Recession. Between 2008 and 2011, St. Petersburg lost nearly 19,000 jobs. Only until recently have the job counts … Read More

St. Petersburg Unemployment by Census Tract

Cities are like organisms, complex and diverse—amalgamations of different neighborhoods, each with unique traits and histories. It can be challenging to find data that examines all the moving parts of … Read More

EDC Launches Workforce Resource Map 2.0

Earlier this week the St. Petersburg Area EDC, one of Grow Smarter’s strategic partners, launched the 2.0 version of its Workforce Resource Map—created in partnership with CareerEdge.  This platform includes … Read More