The well-being of St. Petersburg is at the core of our mission, and we are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and how it impacts our community.

covid-19 Response: Community needs report

This Community Needs Report is a snapshot of needs, separated by Grow Smarter focus area, that were identified on March 27, 2020 by the Grow Smarter Steering Committee and guests. Participants include community leaders and subject-matter experts in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. The Needs Report is also informed by early results of the Organizational Impact Survey, created by Grow Smarter in partnership with the Greenhouse and the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce; One Community’s community survey and outreach efforts; and the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership’s COVID-19 Response Survey.

COvid-19 Resources
  • The St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership has put together a COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard
  • You can reach the COVID-19 Call center at (866) 779-6121
  • The Attorney General's Office also has COVID resources
  • The St. Pete Catalyst is producing podcasts featuring local professionals and experts
  • If you're in need of no-cast testing, you can find more information HERE
  • The St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce has curated resources and information to keep our community informed.
  • St. Petersburg Greenhouse has released a resource dedicated to ongoing updates and information related to support for small businesses.
  • The One Community team is working hard to help community business weather the crisis with a collection of programs, information, and resources.

  • Going forward, our currently scheduled workgroup meetings will be hosted virtually. More info can be found on our Calendar of Events

Share with us

Please use the form below to send questions, concerns, and suggestions you have on how we can serve you during this fluid situation. If you know of a resource we should share, you can let us know here too. It's our goal to keep St. Pete informed and empowered, and this information will help us help our community. Thank you!