September Workgroup Recap

Entrepreneurial Growth:

Discussion of putting together a meeting of workgroup leaders (Coordinated Education and Training, Entrepreneurial Growth, and Targeted Job Creation)

A Survey Based on Barry Foster’s Handout (see basecamp).

  • A brief survey, likely administered by the City, to sample our underserved entrepreneurial community. It seeks to understand the following: organizational makeup, talent, capital, climate, and risk tolerance.
  • Built in identifiers with Business Tax ID
    • Name of firm, employment numbers, geo-location, self-reported industry identifier, minority or women owned status.

Coordinated Education and Training:

Grow Smarter Data Analyst overview of Pinellas industry by race/ethnicity

  • Interest in industry projections—which industries are believed to experience growth within the St. Petersburg Area into the future?
  • What are the unemployment levels of each industry throughout Pinellas?

What are the strengths of our economy?

  • Healthcare is one of St. Petersburg’s largest employers—yet how do we analyze its pipeline?
  • What are hospital/healthcare entities employment needs?
  • Should we contact hospitals to inquire?

What incentives exist for employers to care about hiring disconnected youth?

We need clarification for Employer Training Grants.

Districts and Corridors:

Contacting the City to gather information concerning the town center and development plan

Understanding the history of Tropicana Field

Downtown Partnership and St. Petersburg Catalyst co-producing book

  • Committed to 500 copies
  • Grow Smarter investing in the book for its summit

Grow Smarter Summit

  • Inviting people from the communities that were demolished for Tropicana Field or directly impacted

Community Calendar with St. Petersburg Catalyst

  • This is a calendar to help prevent competing events from scheduling simultaneously

Basecamp explained

  • Grow Smarter would like Basecamp to replace calendar invites
  • Minutes, notes, handouts, etc are stored under files documents per each workgroup

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