Spotlight on Equity-Based Initiatives in St. Petersburg

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You may have read about the five conditions of Collective Impact and understand that these initiatives are created to address a wide range of social problems in the United States and internationally.  At Grow Smarter we are in good company with other organizations working to create positive change in areas of economic development, public health, education, and environmental issues.

Within St. Petersburg there are many Collective Impacts and organizations that Grow Smarter partners with to ensure that together we do the most good and to reduce duplication in efforts.

If you’re interested in learning more about approaches to equity-based work take a look at these notable equity-focused initiatives in St. Petersburtg:


1. Thrive by Five Pinellas

Created by the Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas, this Collective Impact’s goal is to ensure all children in Pinellas County are ready for Kindergarten.  The initiative works in areas including parent and caregiver support, business engagement, systems alignment, public awareness, and preparing children to succeed.

Learn more here.


2. The 2020 Plan

The 2020 Plan is Florida’s largest poverty-reduction plan and aims to reduce the poverty rate in South St. Petersburg by 30% by 2020. The focus of 2020 is to increase incomes through employment and has a focus on strengthens families.  One of the organization’s strengths is that it was created by the community rather than social services or government sectors.

Learn more here.


3. UNITE Pinellas

If you’re interested in learning more about measuring equity in our community, UNITE Pinellas is the organization to look to.  Notably, UNITE Pinellas will soon release the 2019 Pinellas Equity Profile at an in-person event next Thursday, April 18th.

More event details here.


Do you have equity initiatives that you would like Grow Smarter to know about?  If so, please leave a comment below.

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