St. Petersburg Unemployment by Census Tract

Cities are like organisms, complex and diverse—amalgamations of different neighborhoods, each with unique traits and histories. It can be challenging to find data that examines all the moving parts of a city but nevertheless remains crucial in its understanding.

Often times a U.S. Census Tract is the best fit for organizing geographical data into a neighborhood. Tracts are generally measured as a geographical area containing between 2,500 and 8,000 residents. The St. Petersburg Area as follows, is comprised of 140 Census Tracts in total.

This map explores unemployment by tract throughout the St. Petersburg Area for the prime working age population (ages 20-64). Simultaneously, resident ethnic/racial demographic breakdown is reported per tract, which is meant to highlight the stark differences of employment in minority versus non-minority neighborhoods.

Please explore the map and click for individual tract summaries:

Source: American Community Survey 2017 5-Year Estimates

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