Summit 2020: What to Expect

Summit 2020: What to Expect 

1. COVID response 

Like many organizations, we at Grow Smarter had very different plans for 2020 but COVID came to our city and flipped those ideas on their head. Championed by our Steering Committee and partners, we pivoted to launch our response to help the areas of the community we where we could make the most impact. With our Needs Assessment in hand, we got to work on funding wi-fi hotspots in South St. Pete, establishing the Grow Smarter Scholarship and Endowment at St. Petersburg College, creating the Business Resiliency Team, and a handful of other projects. We plan to use a bit of the Summit programming to update the community and our partners on those efforts and use those lessons to inform how we plan to move forward. 


2. All Virtual Event 

While hosting an all-virtual event is anything but revolutionary, we are hoping that outcomes will be. Our top priority is the safety of our community so the 2020 Summit will be completely online so grab your coffee (or tea!) for a morning of update, break outs, and loving this city. Most importantly, we understand Zoom fatigue is hitting everyone, so our team is working diligently to create an interactive and engaging event where you’ll play a key role in the outcomes of the event. 


3. Providing YOUR Input 

If you attended the Grow Smarter Summit in 2019, the phrase “For St. Pete” should sound familiar. Grow Smarter, even at its conception, was an idea FOR St. Pete and that means we need to hear FROM St. Pete for us to move forward in the most effective ways. We have the opportunity to bring together members of the private, public, and nonprofit sectors in a way that allows us to focus on St. Pete in an innovative way and your input Is invaluable in determining the most pressing topics and goals for the coming years. 


The Grow Smarter Summit is November 20, 9 AM-12PM and we can’t wait to see you there. Don’t forget to complete the survey so your voice is heard whether you can attend or not. It will help us provide programming that is hyper-relative and make the most of our time together.  


Take the survey and register at! 

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